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Course Description

A review of Biblical management principles with emphasis on servant leadership, Biblical leaders, and Scriptural strategies for success.

Course Objectives:

" Define management.
" Identify spiritual resources over which believers are managers.
" Identify the main requirement for stewards.
" Identify the greatest example of spiritual leadership.
" Summarize what the ministry of management includes.
" Identify Biblical positions of leadership.
" Explain how spiritual gifts are used in ministry.
" Explain how leaders work together in ministry.
" Recognize the importance of anointing in spiritual leadership.
" List qualifications for spiritual leaders.
" Explain how to lead like a servant.
" Explain how to lead like a shepherd.
" Summarize the tasks of leaders.
" Use Biblical guidelines to make decisions.
" Use Biblical guidelines to deal with conflicts and discipline.
" Train leaders and followers.
" Turn failures into success.
" Apply Biblical principles of success.
" Identify the costs of leadership.
" Explain the true test of spiritual leadership.

There is a one time donation of $45.00 for this course material and exam. Please allowed 24 hours for delivery of the download link sent by e-mail. Certificate of completion will be issued when final exam is returned completed with a passing score of at least 72%.

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