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We must never forget the history of the one who we know and love as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Course Description

This course examines the methods Jesus used to teach and preach the Gospel. Students are taught how to prepare and present lessons and how to teach and preach the Gospel.

Course Objectives

" Explain the difference between the position of a teacher, the gift of teaching, and the command to all believers to teach.
" Summarize the mission and methods of the master teacher, Jesus Christ.
" Explain the functions of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in teaching.
" Use Biblical methods of teaching.
" Explain the mission of the teacher.
" List Biblical qualifications for teachers.
" Analyze the audience.
" State instructional objectives.
" Teach a Bible lesson.
" Explain the relationship between teaching and preaching.
" Preach a Bible message.
" Develop and use audio-visual aids.
" Evaluate your teaching and preaching.
" Train others to teach.
" Select and/or develop Biblical curriculum.
" Adapt your teaching to those who are illiterate.

There is a one time donation of $45.00 for this course material and exam. Please allowed 24 hours for delivery of the download link sent by e-mail. Certificate of completion will be issued when final exam is returned completed with a passing score of at least 72%.

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